Divorce Counseling and Legal Advice – Delhi

Divorce is a complicated, complex, and often an extreme step to problems that might be solved through mediation and counseling. The truth is even when we seem to be listening, in an emotionally charged scenario, we may be preparing to find a disconnected link and fight back with arguments.

At times, the counseling and mediation process act as a deterrent to help resolve the minor conflicts, understand the differences and save the precious relationship. It may seem divorce is the only option as the possibility of reconciliation may be out of question. Still, the mediation process makes the divorce proceeding less painful. In other words, a mediator saves time, cost, and avoid public humiliation.

Personal counseling, mediation in family law disputes

We offer personal, one-on-one counseling and mediation services to help our clients protect their rights and interests. Our main focus during the divorce consultation is to find out the potential benefits legally possible for the client.

Whether it is a #mutual divorce or a #contested divorce proceeding, going ahead with the decision of Divorce can be extremely emotional and painful, making the experience all the more terrifying. The conflict between losing relationships and securing your life and future with dignity can become a painful thought. Also, the divorce procedure is complex and lengthy in India due to several factors but our expert divorce lawyer make it easy process in #delhi.

Practical and valuable divorce advice

To better prepare with the legal and technicalities involved in their case, our expert divorce lawyers share various case laws, legal provisions, and past judgments that are relevant and helpful.

To simplify the divorce proceedings, our divorce specialists will have a private, one-on-one counseling session with the client and offer practical and valuable advice on the available legal options. We persuade our client to think independently and decide on the next course of action with full clarity and confidence.

Some common cases are as below.

  • Men or Husband acting cruelly (Section 498a)
  • Restitution of conjugal rights (Section 9 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955)
  • Adultery of spouse (Section 13(1)(i))
  • Child Custody and Children education expenses.
  • Domestic violence and harassment.