Divorce and Children

Child Custody & Support Issues in a Divorce Proceeding

In a divorce case, the child custody and visitation rights are one of the key issues that need to be addressed. You may need to make decisions as to how your child will be raised and whether your child will live primarily with you, or joint custody.

There are different child custody options such as Physical Custody, Legal Custody, Sole Custody, Joint or Shared Custody and Joint Custody Arrangements.

No matter what, our expert child custody lawyers puts up a strong defense and fight for the financial aid to the child’s future and get custody of the child keeping the child’s best interests.

Issues concerning child custody and visitation rights can resolve through informal settlement negotiations or out-of-court alternative dispute resolution proceedings like mediation.

Hire Top Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer in Delhi

If the divorcing couple prefers to agree upon the terms of child custody and visitation mutually, our lawyers together with mediators help prepare the agreement and resolve the issues amicably. However, in case if one of the parties is not consenting then we will file a petition and resolve custody issues by the court.

With an experienced family advocate, you can trust our commitment to advocate your rights and get favorable custody and visitation agreement.