How to Draft A Divorce Petition Effectively

The most crucial step in the filing the divorce is to draft the divorce petition in a sound manner. It ensures the correct representations of important aspects such as settlements and agreements. The one who files the divorce is known as “complaint” or “petitioner”. The effective format for drafting a divorce petition is given below by divorce lawyers.

The list of details required to draft a divorce petition:

  • Start with the details like name and address of spouse.
  • Adding marriage date and place makes it more effective.
  • The details of the children out of wedlock.
  • The details of the place where the couples lived in marriage before filing the divorce.
  • Reason for filing the divorce/ dispute in the marriage
  • The fees for filing the divorce petition.
  • The alimony amount, child custody support and other prayers.

How to draft a divorce petition

It is important to fill all true details in the petition as if anything found untrue, the fraudulent case can be filed against the petitioner. Here is the complete sequence how the petition to be drafted:

  • Court: Make sure you provide the name of the court where you want the petition to be filed.
  • Respective section: Enter the associated sections such as Divorce under Section 13 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1956, on the basis of brutality in marriage, Family Courts, 1954.
  • Leave black name against Case number (for a sign by the court officials)
  • Provide the date and year of the petition.
  • Related facts such as involved parties, the reason of dispute, the other important factors which make your case stronger in front of the honorable.